St James’s church, Piccadilly update

Statue garden

White Narcissus blooming by the peace statue

Neatly combining my last two blog posts (Bulbs within sequential perennial planting and St James’s Church, Piccadilly) I visited the garden today and was delighted to see many more people enjoying the space with the Narcissus in full flight.

New turf in garden

The public enjoying their lunch in the alcoves

The perennials are beginning to get going behind the bulbs and the shrubs settling in nicely, which is great to see after all the planning that went into the garden. Eventually climbers will cover the trellis and five Amelanchier lamarkii trees will ‘leaf up’ softening the surrounding architecture and hiding some of the more utilitarian features.

London sculpture garden

Thomas Houseago’s ‘Large Owl (For B)’ watches over the garden

The neighbouring gallery Hauser and Wirth often place interesting sculptures in the garden  adding exciting and unexpected dynamics to the space. Designing the garden to be flexible enough to accommodate different art works was in the brief from the beginning.

The garden entrance

A more welcoming entrance than before

The entrance to the garden was one of the main issues to be dealt with when rearranging the space. Beforehand the entrance was not obvious due to the over grown nature of the borders and various storage units visually blocking the path. Now we have greatly ‘opened up’ the whole area and I hope many more people will see and enjoy the garden.

The Lutyens building

The Hauser & Wirth building designed by Edwin Lutyens, now with less clutter obscuring the rear façade


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