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Teddington Garden

This garden in Teddington, southwest London required an entrance solution where a new extension raised the threshold relative to ground level.

An intermediate terrace level creates a ‘garden room’ integrating raised beds and seating that increases a sense of depth, while also making a neat transition to the garden level.

A timber deck gives soft natural colour and texture to the modern linear design and accommodates LED garden lights for atmosphere and evening entertaining. The raised beds bring planting up to eye level, screens the terrace and makes a gentle visual barrier to the end of the garden bringing a sense of mystery.

A number of technical barriers had to be overcome in the design of the deck to allow the planting to be seamlessly bought up to the deck level. We accomplished this buy creating a concrete block support system that incorporated the raised beds and thus keeps the soil away from contact the the timber structure, prolonging the life of the deck.

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