Olympic legacy

alcoves in London garden

The alcoves now have their benches

An update to the Olympic legacy garden I designed for St James’s church, Piccadilly on behalf of Olympic sponsors UPS. UPS’s Olympic guests will have been arriving from around the world since Friday, so early last week I visited the garden to make sure it was looking in tip-top condition for them to enjoy their pre and post games drinks.

Peace statue in Picadilly garden

The Peace statue with shade tolerant planting including, just about to flower, Anemone honorene jobert

The garden is looking incredibly lush with all the rain we’ve had this summer and the perennials have filled in the borders very nicely. Although I didn’t design a particularly flowery garden here, due to the dry shade conditions, I did put a few things in that I hoped would shine for the games, such as Angelica gigas and Anemone honorine jobert. Both these were budding expectantly last week so should look quite spectacular about now.

Plant close up Angelica gigas

Angelica gigas just about to bloom for the Olympics

Shade tolerant plants

A grouping of shade tolerant plants including Alchemilla mollis, Euphorbia griffithii,  Sarcococca confusa and Angelica gigas.

The garden is surrounded by buildings and has a number of huge, beautiful, but shady and water sucking, London Plane trees which give a wonderful secluded feel to the space, but make a challenging place for ornamental planting. Luckily a number of plants do well in this situation and, as can be seen in these pictures, are thriving very well.

Geranium phaeum in london garden

Geranium phauem  Samobor in front of the Lutyens building

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One Response to Olympic legacy

  1. María says:

    I had the pleasure of visit this beautiful garden this week as UPS worker, and for sure flowers are shining! I took some photos of the bees buzzing into the anemones, they were really nice.
    Congratulations, I will visit this peaceful place in my next trips to London.