First Post – Why you need a garden designer!

This is my first blog on this part of my website using WordPress. I will update this a bit more regularly than the rest of and keep up to date with current projects and also post landscape photographs and any musings I have on design, gardening, landscape and the environment in general.

So why choose a garden designer?
There are other options available when deciding to undertake a garden project, so is there any need to take on the expense of another professional? I would say yes, but then I would, wouldn’t I! I do, however, have some valid reasons why a garden designer could save you money, worry and worst of all, a bad garden. Of course a bad garden designer could do the reverse of these three, but we won’t talk about them today.

First of all you should decide whether a project is of a large enough scale to make it worth a designers while. It may be that a landscaper could help you make some decisions on a small scale patio for example. Some designers will have a minimum spend for a project, under which they deem it not worth their or your time and money (often around the £10k mark). As a project increases in size and budget, so to does the need for a designer to make sure money is being spent in the right places.

A designer should:

  • help you decide what you really want and need from a garden, even if you didn’t know before;
  • create plans and drawings that excite and infuse you with a passion for the project;
  • make sure that the space will function to your needs and everything is to an appropriate scale;
  • act in your best interest and sell you only what you need;
  • create plant plans that fit with your maintenance expectations;
  • help you choose a reputable landscape contractor that has the ability to carry out the build correctly;
  • specify construction and material quality so contractors can price accurately;
  • if asked to oversee the build, keep on top of situations arising on-site (your garden) and help inform decisions made, on a regular basis (stuff happens!);
  • be as proud of the finished garden as you are.

A professional landscape designer should do all these things and more, they will make countless micro decisions that will effect the out come of the finished space, informed by experience, training and a little bit of inspiration.

Benedict Green



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