Garden Plans and Visualization

Why do garden designers produce perspective drawings of their designs, when for build purposes a plan and some construction elevations and details are usually sufficient? There are a number of reasons for this, but the most important is that a perspective view is how we naturally see the world and will much better convey how a garden will actually look when mature. This can help make a client take ownership of a garden and really enthuse them about a design long before the landscapers arrive.

Landscape perspective

Image I produced for a public space in East London

Some people can have difficulty understanding two dimensional plans and visualising the three dimensional reality, so even the most beautifully rendered colour plan may as well be Egyptian hieroglyphs as far as they are concerned. So a three dimension image, whether produced by hand or on computer, will always be welcomed by clients. It can also act as a good ‘at a glance’ guide for contractors on how a particular feature should look once built.

Show garden perspective produced for RHS show

Producing perspective images is also a good design tool for garden designers and we can use the process to ‘tweak’ our plans if something doesn’t quite look right when we pull up that third plane.

garden perspective

Eye level view of a proposed garden design

Lastly, 3D images are very satisfying to create and really impress clients!

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