Building a garden

The practical bit!

We can recommend landscape contractors who we know will carry out the garden construction to a high standard. If appropriate we will also create tender documents to ensure a competitive total build cost.

There are many landscapers out there and it can be difficult to find one that you can trust to build your garden with the correct care and attention to detail. Coming from a construction background we know how to build gardens correctly and can make sure that your finished garden will last for years to come.

Our planting plans will specify the number and spacing of individual plants in your garden, so the right number are purchased, they have appropriate room to spread and are positioned for visual effect and specific horticultural conditions. We would normally be on site to finalise the placing of plants, or ‘setting out’, to make any last minute design decisions.

When all parties are happy the garden has been completed succesfully we can ‘sign off’ the landscapers, arrange a maintenance schedule and you can enjoy your beautiful new garden.

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